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If My People who are called by My Name,

Will humble themselves and pray...


Posted on July, 2008 by "the witness"

(Part 2)

"I am bringing a totally new revelation to you." "Yes, Lord" - I sensed a strong revelation of God entering me through the fire tongues from heaven, through the cloud of God. "My people have had small lightings, impart, yes as if to explain, from heaven, breaking through, from the spirit, into there minds. But when not only small lighting breaks through, but great amounts of people are starting to call upon God, a mighty stream will breakthrough. I have explained this to you before, you have even explained it in detail to others, but you have not known its application, or understood it. You understood it for your own life, but my purpose is for this generation. This revelation is for this generation as a whole, for my harvest is My people. I want My people to breakthrough, so that they could come to Me. So that they could be translated, as Paul have said: "In a wink of an eye!" I will now reveal to you a greater truth, even as I have spoken to Adam and to Eve - I have said: Yes, rule and reign over it!" So I want my people to rule and reign. They will rule and reign in every atmosphere. You have called it, in "every kingdom", but I call it: "Every atmosphere" or "every spirit" of this world. You will rule and reign through My Spirit in every atmosphere and every place. And I will blow them away with My nostrils and the glory of My coming. My very breath of My nostrils is my Spirit, my Ruach, My Rhema, in Me. That will blow away the enemy's power and will destroy it! Yes, the enemy will attempt his last great attempt so that he will also attempt to destroy the earth and bring it to an end, before God has a great harvest. But My harvest will come in before he will be able to destroy it. And he will destroy it at a time of My convenience, when my I have sealed all my people on there foreheads, and all My people have been prepared and made ready. For the very purposes and the very word of God stands and will come to pass as I have said it would. Therefore, no longer doubt what I have spoken. Keep on wrestling with Me! Continue studying the scriptures and I will breakthrough and I will show you even greater things than these!

The revelation is this: Those who accept My righteousness, those who will not allow fear to separate them from Me, they will enter into a new realm of understanding. It has already started to happen and all over the world, great and powerful manifestations of this breakthrough are being revealed. But even now you have tasted and have seen. You have seen visions and you have started to understand trances, you have started to understand dreams, you have started to understand an extra communication with God. A communication, which you thought, was not possible. But the enemy will now reveal also his streams or modes of communication. They are only in part, but they are liars, they are deceiving and deceptive spirits, only coming with delusions, blinding the eye. I am not saying there will be no power or that their power will only be an "eyeblind". No, their will be real power. This will power will be manifested. When reading the book of revelations it is said that the Anti-Christ will call down fire from heaven. The very one who is against Christ will also attempt to overthrow the powers of heaven and the powers of God.

He will try to prove that he is the Christ, that he has all authority and dominion. Therefore the battle in the end will be at its greatest the very earth will be shaken, the very earth will be in danger of being destroyed. For the battles will be for the earth and will be for its people. But the end will come, it will come with a flood. And God will raise up a standard against him and the enemy will be utterly shamed, blown away and destroyed.

Go and search out the scriptures. Go and learn what this means. That there will be two anointed ones standing before the God of heaven. Yes, they will stand and they will be like lampstands, they will stand and will be filled with the oil that drip into the receptacles. These are the two anointed ones. Ultimately the power of the two anointed ones will reveal the power of heaven. As Moses revealed the power of God, so the two anointed ones will reveal, as a representation of this ages and this generation, the breakthrough. The enemy has already prepared the earth, calling it the Age of Aquarius. I call it the time of the end, the time of the revealing of the glorious knowledge of the glory of God, which will cover the entire earth as the waters covers the sea. It's only now that these two will be able to be linked. That they will preach the gospel of the kingdom over all the earth and then the end will come.

Do not be deceived and do not be affraid. The enemy will not want you to go and continue these works, but God will break through in the heavens and he will reveal the powers to the heavens, even he has said, he has chosen the church to reveal his authority and power to the coming generations, ages, principalities and powers.

But God wants to reveal this very thing to us. Do not be deceived and do not be afraid. First of all you will be tested, you will go through great amounts of testing and obedience is of the utmost importance, obedience to the Spirit of God. And for those who do not yet know the voice of God, continue to pray in tongues, be in the Spirit and God will lead you by his Spirit into all obedience. And as this stream is broken open by my apostles and prophets those who will be the forerunners they will cut open the heavens and the heavens will ultimately be broken open by the two witnesses who will be only a sign of the times. They will show that the end has come. When you see all these things lift up your eyes to heaven and know that your end is right there, your deliverance, your salvation and the vengeance of God on his enemies has broken through.

Yes reveal yourself O Lord. Reveal your power O, God so that the enemy may see and hear and understand that they have been cast down. And that they have been destroyed. And you will trample the enemy under foot.

In the last three days God has given me scriptures, saying the Lord said to my Lord, sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet. In saying this I remember o God the vision you have shown me of the footstool and as you gave me Malachi chapter four. Lord I understand that you will now ultimately come to break the power of the enemy. That you will ultimately come and that you will re-unite all the revelation into one mighty steam of truth.

And you will break through your powers and all those who do not yet understand fully they will be slurred in. It will be like one that pulls a plug from a bath. The water can go nowhere else but out. The bath was designed in such a way that the water will flow out. In the same way when God pulls the plug, when everyone of his servants has been sealed, like water flowing out of a bath, so the waters of the Spirit of God, the winds which it was called in the book of Revelations, they will gather from the four winds al the people on the earth and they will be translated, they will be taken in the wink of an eye, in a moment, from this earth.

For God has broken through and a flash of his glory will be seen, the sign of the son of man will be revealed. Then all earth will know that the judgment of God has come. For his people it will be deliverance, but for the earth it will be great judgment. But not only for the earth but also for the false prophet and the antichrist and that dragon, the devil, who leads all people astray. He will know that his end is right at hand. That the time for him has come.

All the prophets and all the words of all the judgment of every saint, those under the altar that has called against them from God, will be unleashed. And the charged heavens, the charged atmosphere will offload its punishment. And God's punishment on the earth will fall relentlessly as it is said: the first woe is over, the second and the third woe is to come.

Here is another truth I want to reveal to my church. Here is another truth which the enemy has stolen and he will now even try to pervert and use for his own kingdom, but I will not allow him. And he will not be able to pervert it, for he will not convert. And he will not be able to show true love to this generation. For the God of love, is the only one, the only true God, who will reveal revelation to his people.

I want to reveal the love God to you. I want to reveal to you this entrance from God's side and this exit from your side. I want to reveal to you what in the time of Elijah was called a whirlwind. Everywhere you have gone people have said that they have seen a whirlwind. I want to reveal to you this whirlwind. A whirlwind is a place where things are actually coming together. Where a certain amount of forces in the atmosphere creates an ability to form a whirlwind. The winds are forced together, they twirl together, and they mightily become a whirlwind. In the last few months everywhere we went farms and places whirlwinds went through my car. Gods says his angels are whirlwinds.

My first dream I ever had knowing that there is a spiritual world, that dreams are able to be spoken, God showed me that his angels are whirlwinds. When I was in a ministry God showed me a whirlwind, and I was sitting in the middle of the whirlwind. This is the revelation of the whirlwind, the whirlwind is all the sides of my Love. Whenever you fall into depression or into pride you must come to my righteousness. This is where every valley and every high hill will be made ready. This is preparing the way before Me. This will open the whirlwind. The whirlwind is My love that binds everything together in complete harmony. This is My absolute unconditional love, which you call it. This is my constant unchanging nature, which can never change. This is breaking through to God again. This is coming to the throne room of God again. This is stepping into that place, which Moses was able to speak to God with. This is what is called spiritual perception. I tell you the truth. All of you will be alive, but even those who are dead, they will stand up. Those who are alive will not go before those who are dead. They will not be in an advantage over those who are dead. But when the truth of My righteousness, has broken through, this is the revelation. This is the revolution. This is the final and last reformation, as it has been called. Then the truth will set you free. Then the Glory of YHWH will break open like lighting. And then My people will be translated. I want My people to know. I can not come until they are ready. They will not be able to breakthrough to Me until the realms have been charged enough. Prayer will charge the realm. Prayer in the Spirit will charge the realm. I am calling everywhere across the face of the earth men to pray. You have thought that what I have started to say to was only for your area. I am not calling only you, but I am calling everywhere across the whole earth, My people to pray in tongues, so that they will charge the earth. It will do much more than this. It will move everything into place. The kingdom of God will start to rule in every way over the forces and elements of darkness. And darkness will have its last attempt upon its people. And then those who will choose for "darkness", they will ultimately be destroyed.

Therefore come into My Presence and I will teach you greater things than these. I am raising you up as a prophet to these nations. I am raising you up to prophecy to nations and peoples. I am returning now a time when My prophets will not only speak to individuals but they will speak to nations. They will speak to kingdoms and they will declare My words to these kingdoms and these nations. Even as the spiritual realms are busy manifesting its power over these kingdoms of the earth, these kingdoms of dark forces, so My kingdom will prophecy to it and will bring it to an ultimate understanding that it will either worship God or worship Satan. The choice will be clear. When they harden there hearts, they will not harden their hearts only against Me, but they will be choosing Satan. They will be choosing His kingdom. Those who harden their hearts even through legalistic religion will close their eyes in blindness. And they must not say that they knew Me for they did now know Me, otherwise they would have chosen Me. My sheep know My voice. Then they will hear My voice and they will understand and they will call back to Me and I will call to them, as it was said: "They will hear a voice!" and I will say: "Come up here!" And then in full view of the whole world they will be taken up. It will not happen in an instant when the world is ready, but in an instant when the bride is ready. I am not saying, when the church is ready. For the church is still full of religion. But the Bride of Christ is full of My power. My power will over throw religion. Religion has been the force that has blinded. She is the false prophetess, she is the witch, and she is Jezebel's spirit, as it is called, but she will be overthrown. And all her vices, and all her schemes and plans will be destroyed. The enemy will fear My Name. I am not saying that you must fear. I am saying: "The enemy will fear my Name!" Will fear My judgment and they will know that there destruction is near, because they have chosen against Me.

Therefore walk in righteousness before Me. Walk in the fullness of the righteousness which I have called you to. This is My Love as I have said: "Love one another!" For love is the fulfillment of all the law and all the prophets. Love will return God back to earth. Love will call and say: "Immanuel!" God With us!

There has already been places on the earth where My love has broken through in great streams and power by pray warrior and intercessors. And these pray warriors and intercessors, when they come to the truth of the knowledge of God. They will see and they will break through also in a greater level.

But there is another danger for those who have already broken through and have already understood the things of the spirit, to hardened their hearts and be deceived, and that is their pride. When pride will swallow up, their eyes will be blinded. They will no longer be able to see. Their spiritual power will overthrow them and will cast them to the ground, for their pride was their motive and their true reason for their worshipping me.

Those who have done it for the sake of financial gain, Mammon is their god. They also, because of their pride, because of their false motive, will be swallowed up.

But if my people, who call on my Name, if they will humble themselves and pray, I will hear from heaven and heal their land! In this lies another hidden secret. I will hear from heaven and heal their land. I will hear from the spiritual realms and I will manifest myself in their physical land and I will breakthrough my power and reveal to them great revelation.

This revelation that I have given you today, it will spread like a wild fire for those who are open to it. Not many are open and ready for it. But for those few who are my forerunners, those are my apostles and prophets, they will run with this fire. And where this fire runs it will consume. It will not only consume by word of knowledge, it will consume by the very force of its power. And as I have said, those who are forceful and those who by brute force will take hold of it, they will lay hold of the kingdom of God. You have said but how can brute force lay hold of the kingdom of God? Those who brutally go in and take hold of it they will take hold of it. How can they brutally take hold of it? Paul says I beat my body and I make it my slave so that after I have preached to others I will not be disqualified for the price.

Therefore brutally take hold of it, forcefully take hold of it! And it will take hold of you. And when its taken hold of you, you will see the glory and the power of God. Do not fall then, into the temptation of pride and power, but fall back into the blood of Yahshua, into the cross, and into the righteousness of the father.

This is the righteousness that David has spoken of. That there is righteousness, apart from the law, there is righteousness, where God will take away all your sins as far away as the east is from the west.

When I was a child I thought like a child and I reasoned like a child, but when I have come to maturity, when I've raised up, in the fullness of who I am in Christ, then I am no longer only a son, but I become a man. I'm a man of God and the very sons of God will reveal the glory of God. Yes, the things which were impart, the things which were partial, this is the same way as I have said before:" there is three, there is the child stage, which is the physical, there is the son stage, which is the soul and there is the father stage, which is the Spirit. Those who walk in the fullness of My Spirit, they will be translated, in the wink of an eye. This will happen at once. It will not happen at a different time for each one, it will all happen at once. So there is a specific time when the four winds of the earth will call in at once. And at once every one will be taken away. At once the rock will break open. At once the enemy's power will be broken. At once the enemy will be overthrown and at once My people will be delivered.

When I was a child I though like a child and I reasoned like a child, but now that I am a man I put childish ways behind me. Then I looked and saw as one who looked through a milky window or a milky glass, but then I will see face-to-face. This is what all the prophets have desired. This what the people have spoken about. And even now I understood.

What was the great relationship or the great revelation that they had with God? This is the revelation that they had: God is light and in Him there is no darkness and this earth is full of darkness. But God is bringing in and He is breaking through the darkness with Light. And He spoke into the darkness and He said: "Let there be light!" And there was light. At that moment the veil will be rend. This is the veil that was torn. The veil that I am speaking about was My body that was broken on the cross. But the veil that I am referring to now is the veil between the spiritual and the physical. The veil is the milky glass that will be removed. And then you will see plainly even face-to-face. And you will understand eternity and you will understand the righteousness of God. This is a wonderful thought to see O God, the see the glorious things which will now be revealed to this earth, O Lord. I stand I see and realize, that these things will come to pass. And what we have desired in its fullness is now going to come to pass. It will start to come to past in individual's lives first, but then it will start to come to pass in My church. I need my church to rise up so that these things can come to pass.

Do not be afraid to speak it for it will catch fire and it will start to break through and soon it will influence where ever it goes. I want you to grow up in the full stature of man and God so that God's power and glory will be pleasing to those who see the Spirit of Yahshua the Messiah in you so that man will not grow in pride because of you. But God will say: "This is him whom I esteem. And you are highly esteemed in the heavens."

And lastly, I will reveal to you My love. I have said: "Now I want you to consider the most excellent way; the way that is not in part; the way that is complete, the way that is the break through between the physical and the spiritual. Of these things these three will remain: Faith, hope and Love. In this lies the key: Faith is the eyes with which we will see what we can not yet see, but yet does exist - that is the spiritual. Hope, that it will come to pass, even as this prophecy is spoken and a rhema word is calling it closer than ever before, on this earth. And Love, the very Spirit of God which will be revealed. And these three will become one. And hope will be removed. When hope, which is the soul realm, is removed. Again there is three: Of these three we have the physical realm. Faith, which looks into the future or into the place of the invisible and believe with understanding that the spiritual is there, hoping that it will come to pass. Knowing by the prophetic word that it will come to pass. That every word of God, which ever was spoken, through the prophets, will come to pass, unconditionally, by the word of God. For His word will never return to Him void. And Love, when God will be with man. And everything else, every tear will be wiped from there eyes. And everything that violate and everything that sets itself up against the kingdom of God will be removed.

At this moment the enemy is living in the stratosphere. It is living in this realm of the soul. It is living and moving and covering like a veil. But at that moment the veil will be removed. When the veil is removed the physical will see strait into the spiritual. The veil through which men must now see is the eye of there heart. The eye of the heart will now see through the veil. Cleanse your veil so that you can see. Fill yourself, be rooted in the love of God. These things that I spoke to you I spoke to you not out of an emotional love. You are used to an emotional love. I am not talking about an emotional love. But I am talking about my Love. God is Love. And in Him there is no darkness.

I want you in aggression, in an aggressive way to start entering into My kingdom. I want you to breakthrough, I want you to pray in tongues.

There is yet another revelation came to my mind, yet a greater understanding of the things which were written in the book of Revelations. God says: "He who was, and He who is and He who is to come", these three again are three. He who was is the history and the past of all the nations. He who is the present is the things which happen right now even as I speak. And he who is to come is the things of the future and those things that will be. For as God has said and know and have always known how they will be. Yes, the things of the past will be wiped out and the roots of the past will be destroyed. The roots of Babylon, the roots of the seed that the enemy has placed even among His people, so trying to deceive and misled. And through the generations, the parable that Yahshua have spoken was actually not only in a time when Yahshua spoke, but referred to a time when the seed of Babylon was sown. It referred to the very time the enemy had sown a seed in Eve's heart want to deceive her, to mislead her and cover her eyes. Then He who was, and who is and who is to come, who was dead and is alive again, and now will live for ever more. Then death will be swallowed up in victory. Then live eternal will be revealed. Then we will be one with God and He will be our God and we will be His people the sheep of His pasture.

Praise God. We praise the Lord God of heaven for all these things.

I don't want you to be blown here and there and tossed by every wind of teaching anymore, as the very word says: "winds of teaching!" These are atmospheric powers and forces in the heavenly realms which try to distract and overthrow. But I want you be focused completely on me. I want you be focused upon the Lord God Almighty and upon His Spirit. I want you to pray in the Spirit and open the way for God to breakthrough.

From: The Witness

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