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During a 40 day fast from the 11 March - 14 April 2002, a fasting journal was kept, revealing future end time events. These event were revealed through many signs and wonders, dreams and visions.


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The Satanic Triangle

The Mystery of the Beast...

The End from the Beginning:

The Mystery of the False Prophet


The Vatican City

The Papacy

Early Christianity (c. 30 – 325)

Nicea to East-West Schism (325–1054)

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The spirit of the Anti-Christ and the spirit of the false prophet



The Satanic Triangle

Posted on 07 May, 2010 by "the witness"

11 Then I saw another beast rising up out of the land;

he had two horns like a lamb, and he spoke and roared like a dragon.

12 He exerts all the power and right of control of the former beast in his presence,

and causes the earth and those who dwell upon it to exalt and deify the first beast,

whose deadly wound was healed, and to worship him.

(Rev 13:11-12 Ampl)

On the 10th of March 2002, after the morning service, we felt the call of the Lord in the Spirit wanting to speak to us again. It was on this same day that we realized that YHWH wanted us to resign from the church we used to be in.

Early on the morning of the 10 th of March 2002, urged by the Spirit of God, God called us to pray together for Yahshua said: "And I tell you more: whenever two of you on earth agree about anything you pray for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. (Mat 18:19) GNB

We went to the place of prayer in a nearby park as was our custom. We walked singing and rejoicing before God for all that He had revealed to us since the day He appeared to us the first time. While we were praying the word of the Lord came to us through the scriptures. We often allowed God to lead us to the scripture, which He wanted to speak to us about that day.

Then led by the Spirit of God the word came to us: 8 Since we have died with Christ, we believe that we will also live with him. 9 For we know that Christ has been raised from death and will never die again---death will no longer rule over him. 10 And so, because he died, sin has no power over him; and now he lives his life in fellowship with God. 11 In the same way you are to think of yourselves as dead, so far as sin is concerned, but living in fellowship with God through Christ Yahshua. 12 Sin must no longer rule in your mortal bodies, so that you obey the desires of your natural self. 13 Nor must you surrender any part of yourselves to sin to be used for wicked purposes. Instead, give yourselves to God, as those who have been brought from death to life, and surrender your whole being to him to be used for righteous purposes. 14 Sin must not be your master; for you do not live under law but under God's grace. (Rom 6:8-14) GNB Yahshua had called us into fellowship with, reminding us not to allow sin to be master over us, but to consider ourselves dead to our sinful nature and desires.

Again the word the Lord came to us through the scriptures: 19 So far as the Law is concerned, however, I am dead, killed by the Law itself, in order that I might live for God. I have been put to death with Christ on his cross, 20 so that it is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me. This life that I live now, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave his life for me. 21 I refuse to reject the grace of God. But if a person is put right with God through the Law, it means that Christ died for nothing! (Gal 2:19-21) GNB The Holy Spirit reminded us that we are dead, but now live only by faith in Yahshua’ blood and the price which He had paid for us on the cross, showing us His unconditional love. It was not by anything we had done, but purely by His grace that we are able to have such awesome fellowship with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Again the word the Lord came to us through the Holy Spirit’s guidance in the word of God, confirming the truth of God’s love, which He had shown by dying on the cross: “For God so greatly loved and dearly prized the world that He evengave up His only begotten, unique Son, so that whoever believes in, trusts in, clings to, relies on Him shall not perish, come to destruction, be lost, but have eternal or everlasting life. (John 3:16 Ampl) The Holy Spirit reminded us that God had given His Son up for anybody who would believe in Him. God was not a God of favoritism, but is impartial and would do the same for any person who fully trusted in Him.

Again the word of the Lord came to us through the scriptures, saying: 17 For this reason the Father loves Me, because I lay down My own life - to take it back again. 18 No one takes it away from Me. On the contrary, I lay it down voluntarily. I put it from Myself. I am authorized and have power to lay it down, to resign it and I am authorized and have power to take it back again. These are the instructions and orders, which I have received as My charge from My Father. (John 10:17 -18 Ampl)

Yahshua is greatly loved by His Father, and willingly laid down His life as He was called, given instruction from His Father. Yahshua was not asked to lay down His life for us, but gave His life up according to His own choice, which the Father had given Him. Yahshua chose to give up His live for me and you so that we may be saved. He was not commanded by the Father to do it!

After this the Holy Spirit convicted us to stay in the light by confessing our character weaknesses and sins to one another daily and to pray for one another daily so that we may be healed and may overcome. This was taking up our crosses everyday and follow Yahshua the Messiah.

After this time together in fellowship with the Holy Spirit and with one another we left to go to the service that morning. After the service we were again drawn by the Holy Spirit to come and meet with the Lord. We went to the same nearby park to pray.

While we were praising God and calling upon the Name of our Lord and God, Yahshua the Messiah, mighty signs appeared in the heavens in front of both of us. The Holy Spirit came to reveal the master plan of Satan to rule the earth. The God of heaven and earth, the only ruler of all mankind, the King of kings and the Lord above all lords made known to us those things hidden in the hearts of wicked men. The Holy Spirit revealed the secret plans, which they devise in their inner rooms.

We went to a nearby park to pray and wait on the Lord. Our Lord and God, Yahshua the Messiah, started to show us the master plan of Satan, because He knows all things and can reveal it to ever He is pleased. The very things men hide in the inner room of their hearts God will shout out on the roof tops, for it is written: 22 Things are hidden temporarily only as a means to revelation. For there is nothing hidden except to be revealed, nor is anything temporarily kept secret except in order that it may be made known. (Mark 4:22 Ampl) And again: 8 Our iniquities, our secret heart and its sins, which we would so like to conceal even from ourselves, You have set in the revealing light of Your countenance. (Psa 90:8 Ampl)

Many signs started to appear in the heavens to us, so that you may know God has chosen us to be a witness to this generation.

Flag of Nazi Germany A sign of a Swastika and the Nazi emblem appeared to us in the sky. We were reminded of the beast having seven heads with 10 horns, which came up out of the sea, with one of his heads, which was mortally wounded to death, but were as if resurrected. The Beast was not killed, but one of his heads were severely injured with the sword, but lived, as was prophesied: 3 And I saw one of its heads as having been slain to death, and its deadly wound was healed. And all the earth marvelled after the beast. (Rev 13:3) MKJV

After this and next to the former signs, other signs also appeared in front of us. A sign of an upside down triangle appeared in the heavens. At each of the corners of the sign appeared smaller signs or symbols indicating what this sign resembles. This sign was a sign of the satanic trinity: Consisting out of Satan or the Dragon, the Beast or the Anti-Christ and the false prophet.

http://pastormikez.org/catholicceremonies.aspxhttp://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/33/Flag_Schutzstaffel.svg/100px-Flag_Schutzstaffel.svg.png After this sign, a sign of a large sign of a Roman Catholic cross appeared in the sky. Next to this sign yet another sign appeared in the heavens. We both saw a sign of the ‘SS’ appear in the heavens. Not knowing what these things meant, I asked my brother, who stood next to me and also saw these signs with me: “What do these signs have in common? What does the Nazis or the ‘SS’ have in common with the Roman Catholic Church and the Satanic trinity, resembled by the upside down triangle?”

We were reminded by the Holy Spirit how all the sides of this Satanic triangle was revealed to the apostle John, saying: 1 As I stood on the sandy beach, I saw a beast coming up out of the sea with ten horns and seven heads. On his horns he had ten royal crowns or diadems and blasphemous titles or names on his heads. 2 And the beast that I saw resembled a leopard, but his feet were like those of a bear and his mouth was like that of a lion. And to him the dragon gave his own might and power and his own throne and great dominion. 3 And one of his heads seemed to have a deadly wound. But his death stroke was healed; and the whole earth went after the beast in amazement and admiration. 4 They fell down and paid homage to the dragon, because he had bestowed on the beast all his dominion and authority; they also praised and worshiped the beast, exclaiming: “Who is a match for the beast!” and “ Who can make war against him? ” (Rev 13:1-4 Ampl)

And about the false prophet he wrote: 11 Then I saw another beast rising up out of the land itself; he had two horns like a lamb, and he spoke or roared like a dragon. 12 He exerts all the power and right of control of the former beast in his presence, and causes the earth and those who dwell upon it to exalt and deify the first beast who’s deadly wound was healed, and to worship him. 13 He performs great signs, startling miracles, even making fire fall from the sky to the earth in men's sight. 14 And because of the signs or miracles, which he is allowed to perform in the presence of the first beast, he deceives those who inhabit the earth, commanding them to erect a statue or an image in the likeness of the beast who was wounded by the small sword and still lived. (Rev 13:11-14 Ampl)


The Mystery of the Beast...

Who is this beast and how could this beast have been given a mortal wound to one of his heads, but yet lived? The mystery of this beast was once described to the Apostle John, saying: “Why did you marvel? I will tell you the mystery of the woman and of the beast that carries her, that has the seven heads and ten horns. 8 The beast that you saw was, and is not, and is about to ascend out of the abyss and go into perdition. And those dwelling on the earth will marvel, those whose names were not written in the Book of Life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.(Rev 17:7b-8) MKJV This beast that John saw existed on the earth before John’s life, and it was revealed to John that this kingdom did not rule or exist while John lived, but would exist again, as if resurrected from the dead. This is a great mystery, which has been hidden and must now be unsealed or revealed to this generation, for it is about to fulfil. The Beast is about to take its position in history as was revealed to the apostle John, saying he once was, then was not, but now will rise again out the abyss or the bottomless pit.

The Roman Empire ruled during the time that YHWH sent His angel to reveal these prophetic revelations to his servant and apostle John. The Roman Empire was also foretold through the prophet Daniel’s interpretation of the king of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, saying: 33 his legs were of iron; his feet were partly iron and partly clay. (Dan 2:33) MJKV From the king’s dream it is clear that YHWH had shown not one kingdom, but two kingdoms that would follow after the kingdom of bronze or the Grecian Empire: The First kingdom is the two legs of iron. The second kingdom is the two feet of iron and baked clay. Daniel interpreted the king’s dream saying: 40 And the fourth kingdom shall be as strong as iron. Since iron crushes and smashes all things; and as the iron that shatters all these, it will crush and shatter. Then he continued: 41 And as to that which you saw: the feet and toes, part of potters' clay and part of iron; the kingdom shall be divided. But there shall be in it the strength of the iron, because you saw the iron mixed with miry clay. Then Daniel said: 42 And as the toes of the feet were part of iron and part of clay, so this kingdom shall be partly strong and partly brittle. 43 And as you saw iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mix themselves with the seed of men. But they shall not cling to one another, even as iron is not mixed with clay. (Dan 2:40-43) MKJV The feet and toes are of the same kingdom, yet the toes will follow the last kingdom, the two feet partly of iron and partly of clay, one in the west and other in the east, will be replaced by 10 toes, also partly of iron and partly of baked clay.

The mystery of the Beast was revealed to the apostle as follow: 9 And here is the mind which has wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sits. 10 And there are seven kings; five have fallen, and one is, and the other has not yet come. And when he comes, he must continue a short time. It is revealed to John that this seven headed beast is 7 kingdoms, of which 5 of these kingdoms had come and gone, before John. The sixth kingdom, which ruled in the time of the apostle John, the Roman Empire, which were as strong as iron, would be followed by another kingdom, which would be different from the Roman Empire and yet would have some of the strength of the Roman Empire in it. It would rule on the earth for a short while. Thus the feet, excluding the 10 toes, would be a kingdom consisting out of a great amount of mixed nations trying to unify themselves among one another.

Then the angel continues, revealing the last kingdom that would rule the earth, before YHWH, in His wrath, will destroy all the kingdoms of this world, saying: 11 And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goes into perdition. 12 And the ten horns which you saw are ten kings, who have received no kingdom yet, but will receive authority as kings for one hour with the beast. 13 These have one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast.(Rev 17:9-13 Ampl) The last kingdom, called by YHWH, the Beast, will consists out of 10 kings, which are represented by the 10 toes of the statue of Nebuchadnezzar and the 10 horns of the beast having 7 heads and 10 horns. The 10 horns are only an extension of the 7 heads and come from the seven heads, just like the 10 toes are only an extension of the two feet of Nebuchadnezzar’s statue.


The End from the Beginning:

15 That which has been is now;

and that which is to be has already been;

and God requires that which is past.

(Ecc 3:15) MKJV

When God speaks to His prophets, He reveals to them the fullness of time, showing them the end from the beginning. Being called and set apart to be a prophet to this generation, Yahshua promised me, on the 9th of May 2001: “I will make My eyes your eye that you can see as I see!” Seven years later, on the 4th of July 2008, I was snatched into heaven and given understanding of how YHWH spoke to the prophets of old, opening my understanding, so that the hearts of the fathers could turn to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers, restoring prophetic understanding to His Bride, clearing up all confusion about the Beast and the false prophet, before Yahshua – Yahshua, the Anointed One, is revealed in the heavens.

YHWH declares the end from the beginning, just as He had said to me: “Now you see as I see! You see the past and the future at the same time!” When the word of the Lord comes to a prophet he does not only receive a prophetic revelation for his generation, but also for the future. When God speak He speaks in the Spirit and not the flesh! Yahshua once said this: 63 It is the Spirit that makes alive, the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit and are life. (John 6:63) MKJV The Holy Spirit, through the apostle Paul, explained how YHWH spoke to Abraham’s future descendents, saying: "I have made you a father of many nations before God”. When God speaks He calls the things which do not exist as though they do exist.(Rom 4:17) MKJV He speaks to the future generations, revealing to them that He is God, the First and the Last, the Ever existing One – Elohim!

When the angel of Yahshua revealed the future to the apostle John, YHWH also revealed that which had already been, saying: five have fallen, and one is, and the other has not yet come. And when he comes, he must continue a short time.” Five kingdoms had come before the kingdom, during which the apostle John lived and one other was about to come after John had departed. These five kingdoms were: The Assyrian Empire, the Egyptian Empire, the Babylonian Empire, the Media Persian Empire and the Greek Empire. The kingdom which, is, was the kingdom, which were ruling during the apostle’s life – The Roman Empire. After the book of revelations were written another kingdom was yet to come, which would last for a short while of 2000 years. After the Roman Empire, no kingdom arose again with the same strength like that of the Roman Empire.

The world was divided and conquered through many centuries by many different kings, ruling many different parts of the earth. Yet never again has a kingdom ruled such a large portion of the earth as the iron kingdom of the Roman Empire did.

Truly the some of these kingdoms did have the strength of iron in it, but never could remain united for long enough to conquer the whole world for themselves.

When God speaks to a prophet, not only does He show him the past and the future at the same time, but also prefigure the future by the past. Thus, the past is like a shadow of the future, although not perfect in comparison, yet similar in many ways. The prophet Daniel saw four beasts, which came up out of the earth, which was a continuation of that which he had interpreted to the king of Babylon. These visions revealed the future from Daniel’s perspective. The vision which was granted the apostle John was shown him from his generation’s perspective. In order to unlock the visions of Daniel and John, we must look at each of the visions from our perspective 2000 years later, keeping in mind that these visions pointed to the same kingdoms, seen from different perspectives. We must also keep in mind that the prophets did not only see the future, but also the past, which like a shadow, prefigured the different kingdom ages and their ruling kings.


The Mystery of the False Prophet

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/e/ee/GestatorialChair1.jpg/270px-GestatorialChair1.jpg After the Roman Empire, the church in Constantinople gained the same kind of authority as those of the kings. Constantine combined the state and the church into a new body or organisation of order and control. The Holy Roman Church became the authority which could appoint and remove kings as she wishes. Later this organisation, still rooted in paganism, now cloaked in Christianity, became known as the Holy Roman Catholic church. With so much authority owned to herself, she corrupted by power and religion, like a prostitute, portrayed herself as the church of God on the earth for all men. She determined who would rule as the kings of the earth.

When Yahshua reveals the future to the apostle John, John marvelled. Then Yahshua – Yahshua asked Him: “ Why did you marvel? I will tell you the mystery of the woman and of the beast that carries her, that has the seven heads and ten horns...” This woman rides on the Beast, controlling it. The Roman Catholic Church started 2000 years ago to control the institution of kings and will do it up until the end, claiming to be God’s authority on the earth. The Lord Yahshua identifies this woman unveiling the mystery, saying: “The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sits.”

YHWH also revealed the judgement which this woman will receive because of her idolatry and sorceries which she had committed, saying: “I will show you the doom or sentence, judgment of the great harlot or idolatress who is seated on many waters, 2 She with whom the rulers of the earth have joined in prostitution or idolatry and with the wine of whose immorality and idolatry the inhabitants of the earth have become intoxicated. 3 And the angel bore me away rapt in the Spirit into a desert or wilderness, and I saw a woman seated on a scarlet beast that was all covered with blasphemous titles or names, and he had seven heads and ten horns. 4 The woman was robed in purple and scarlet and bedecked with gold, precious stones, and pearls, and she was holding in her hand a golden cup full of the accursed offenses and the filth of her lewdness and vice. 5 And on her forehead there was inscribed a name of mystery with a secret symbolic meaning: Babylon the great, the mother of prostitutes or idolatresses and of the filth and atrocities and abominations of the earth. (Rev 17:1-5 Ampl)

After this the Lord showed me all the cities of the world and said to me: “Son of man prophecy to these cities telling them to repent of their sins otherwise My wrath will be revealed against them!”

I was very specifically taken to the city of Rome. As I looked I saw the Vatican City out of the heavens. Then the Lord said to me: “Say to this city, who sits on seven hills. You, Mother of prostitutes, with the cup of abominations in your hand. You who have made all the nations drink of your fornications. You who made the nations drunk with your fornications.” Say to her: “Unless you remove your yoke from My people’s necks! I will place a large mill stone around your neck and throw you into the sea!” See The Apple of His Eye – Part 3 - Prophecy to the world and the cities of the World



When we look at the history of what happened after the apostle John had departed it becomes very clear who this “Mother of prostitutes” are:

File:Forum Romanum Rom.jpg

Rome is in the Lazio region of central Italy on the Tiber river (Italian: Tevere). The original settlement developed on hills that faced onto a ford beside the Tiber island, the only natural ford of the river. The historic centre of Rome was built on seven hills: the Aventine Hill, the Caelian Hill, the Capitoline Hill, the Esquiline Hill, the Palatine Hill, the Quirinal Hill, and the Viminal Hill. The city is also crossed by another river the Aniene which joins the Tiber north of the historic centre. See Wikipedia: Rome - 3.1 Location


The Vatican City

Vatican City is an ecclesiastical [5] or sacerdotal - monarchical [6] state, ruled by the Bishop of Rome —the Pope. The highest state functionaries are all Catholic clergymen of various national origins. It is the sovereign territory of the Holy See (Sancta Sedes) and the location of the Pope's residence, referred to as the Apostolic Palace.

The Popes have generally resided in the area that in 1929 became Vatican City since the return from Avignon in 1377, but have also at times resided in the Quirinal Palace in Rome and elsewhere. Previously, they resided in the Lateran Palace on the Caelian Hill on the far side of Rome from the Vatican. Emperor Constantine gave this site to Pope Miltiades in 313. The signing of the agreements that established the new state took place in the latter building, giving rise to the name of Lateran Pacts, by which they are known.


The Papacy

Pope Benedictus XVI january,20 2006 (2).JPGThe pope (from Latin: "papa" or "father" is the Bishop of Rome and as such, is leader of the worldwide Catholic Church (that is, both the Latin Rite and the Eastern Catholic Churches in full communion with the Roman Pontiff). The current [2] office-holder is Pope Benedict XVI, who was elected in papal conclave on 19 April 2005.

The office of the pope is called the Papacy, and his ecclesiastical jurisdiction the " Holy See " (Sancta Sedes in Latin) or " Apostolic See " (the latter on the basis that both St. Peter and St. Paul were martyred at Rome). The pope is also head of state of Vatican City, a sovereign city-state entirely enclaved by Rome.

Yahshua reveals the woman who sits on the seven hills as the Vatican city in Rome who controls the kings of the world. According to history the city of Rome very systematically became the captil of the Roman Catholic Church.


Early Christianity (c. 30 – 325)

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c5/Clemens_I.jpg/250px-Clemens_I.jpgIt seems that at first the terms 'episcopos' and 'presbyter' were used interchangeably. [23] The general consensus among scholars has been that, at the turn of the first and second centuries, local congregations were led by bishops and presbyters whose offices were overlapping or indistinguishable. [24]There was probably no single 'monarchical' bishop in Rome before the middle of the second century... and likely later." [25]

In the early Christian era, Rome and a few other cities had claims on the leadership of worldwide ("Catholic") church. James the Just, known as "the brother of the Lord", served as head of the Jerusalem church, which is still honoured as the "Mother Church" in Orthodox tradition. Alexandria had been a centre of Jewish learning and became a centre of Christian learning. Rome had a large congregation early in the apostolic period that Paul the Apostle addressed in his Epistle to the Romans, and Paul himself was martyred there.

During the first century of the Christian Church (ca. 30–130), the Roman capital became recognized as a Christian centre of exceptional importance. Pope Clement I at the end of the 1st century wrote an epistle to the Church in Corinth, Greece, intervening in a major dispute, and apologising for not having taken action earlier. [26] However there are only a few other references of that time to recognition of the authoritative primacy of the Roman See outside of Rome. In the Ravenna Document of 13 October 2007, theologians chosen by the Roman Catholic and the Eastern Orthodox Churches stated: "41. Both sides agree... that Rome, as the Church that 'presides in love' according to the phrase of St Ignatius of Antioch (To the Romans, Prologue), occupied the first place in the taxis, and that the bishop of Rome was therefore the protos among the patriarchs. They disagree, however, on the interpretation of the historical evidence from this era regarding the prerogatives of the Bishop of Rome as protos, a matter that was already understood in different ways in the first millennium." In addition, in the last years of the first century AD the Church in Rome intervened in the affairs of the Christian Church in Corinth to help solve their internal disputes.

Later in the second century AD, there were further manifestations of Roman authority over other churches. In 189 AD, assertion of the primacy of the Church of Rome may be indicated in Irenaeus of Lyons 's Against Heresies (3:3:2): "With [the Church of Rome], because of its superior origin, all the churches must agree... and it is in her that the faithful everywhere have maintained the apostolic tradition." And in 195 AD, Pope Victor I, in what is seen as an exercise of Roman authority over other churches, excommunicated the Quartodecimans for observing Easter on the 14th of Nisan, the date of the Jewish Passover, a tradition handed down by St. John the Evangelist (see Easter controversy). Celebration of Easter on a Sunday, as insisted on by the Pope, is the system that has prevailed (see computus).


Nicea to East-West Schism (325–1054)

During these seven centuries, the church unified by Emperor Constantine within his empire effectively split first, after the 451 Council of Chalcedon, into Chalcedonian Christianity and Oriental Orthodoxy, and then, after the 1054 East-West Schism, into a Greek East and Latin West. In the West, the pope became independent of the Emperor in the East, and became a major force in politics there.


Imperial capitals: Rome and Constantinople

With the conversion of Roman Emperor Constantine to Christianity and the Council of Nicea, the Christian religion received imperial backing.

At the time of the Council (325), Rome was still seen as the capital of the empire, although the emperor rarely lived there. With the establishment of a new fixed capital in Constantinople (330), there arose a new centre, which soon grew in prominence, rivalling those in Rome, Alexandria and Antioch, which previously had been the most important centres of Christianity.

Of these, Rome claimed the chief place, as illustrated by Pope Leo the Great 's statement, in about 446, that "the care of the universal Church should converge towards Peter's one seat, and nothing anywhere should be separated from its Head", [27] clearly articulating the extension of papal authority as doctrine, and promulgating his right to exercise "the full range of apostolic powers that Yahshua had first bestowed on the apostle Peter".

The early ecumenical councils, particularly the First Council of Constantinople (381), affirmed the importance of the Bishop of Rome's position, though all the councils in the Church's early history took place in cities in the East, and the Pope did not personally attend the council in 381. It was at the ecumenical Council of Chalcedon in 451 that Leo I (through his emissaries) stated that he was "speaking with the voice of Peter". At this same council, the Bishop of Constantinople was given "equal privileges" to those of the Bishop of Rome, because "Constantinople is the New Rome". Pope Leo rejected this decree on the ground that it contravened the sixth canon of Nicaea and infringed the rights of Alexandria and Antioch. [28]


Reformation to present (1517 to today)

Protestant Reformers criticized the Papacy as corrupt and characterized the pope as the antichrist.

Popes instituted the Catholic Reformation [3] (1560–1648), which addressed challenges of the Protestant Reformation and instituted internal reforms. Pope Paul III (1534–1549) initiated the Council of Trent (1545–1563), which established the triumph of the Papacy over rulers who sought to reconcile with Protestants and against French and Spanish bishops opposed to Papal claims. [36]

Gradually forced to give up secular power, popes focused on spiritual issues. [3]

The pope's claims of spiritual authority have been ever more clearly expressed since the first centuries. In 1870, the First Vatican Council proclaimed the dogma of papal infallibility for those rare occasions the pope speaks ex cathedra (literally "from the chair (of Peter)") when issuing a solemn definition of faith or morals. [3]

Later in 1870, Victor Emmanuel II seized Rome from the pope's control and substantially completed the unification of Italy. [3] The Papal States that the pope lost had been used to support papal independence. [3]

In 1929, the Lateran Treaty between Italy and Pope Pius XI established the Vatican guaranteed papal independence from secular rule. [3]

In 1950, the pope defined the Assumption of Mary as dogma, the only time that a pope has spoken ex cathedra since papal infallibility was explicitly declared. The Petrine Doctrine is still controversial as an issue of doctrine that continues to divide the eastern and western churches as well as separating Protestants from Rome. See Wikipedia: History of the Papacy

The Vatican city is built on seven hills still controls all the kings and the powers instituted on the earth. Thus, the city of Rome became the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, head by the Pope. From the earliest time the Vatican City resumed her infallible authority on the earth, in the making of doctrines, claiming to be God on the earth. She increased in authority over the kings of the earth and reached a stage in history when no one could become a king unless she had inaugurated them:


Political Role - See Wikipedia: The Pope - 8 Political role

Though the progressive Christianisation of the Roman Empire in the fourth century did not confer upon bishops civil authority within the state, the gradual withdrawal of imperial authority during the fifth century left the pope the senior imperial civilian official in Rome, as bishops were increasingly directing civil affairs in other cities of the Western Empire. This status as a secular and civil ruler was vividly displayed by Pope Leo I 's confrontation with Attila in 452. The first expansion of papal rule outside of Rome came in 728 with the Donation of Sutri, which in turn was substantially increased in 754, when the Frankish ruler Pippin the Younger gave to the pope the land from his conquest of the Lombards. The pope may have utilized the forged Donation of Constantine to gain this land, which formed the core of the Papal States. This document, accepted as genuine until the 1400s, states that Constantine I placed the entire Western Empire of Rome under papal rule. In 800 Pope Leo III crowned the Frankish ruler Charlemagne as Roman Emperor, a major step toward establishing what later became known as the Holy Roman Empire; from that date onward the popes claimed the prerogative to crown the Emperor, though the right fell into disuse after the coronation of Charles V in 1530. Pope Pius VII was present at the coronation of Napoleon I in 1804, but did not actually perform the crowning. As mentioned above, the pope's sovereignty over the Papal States ended in 1870 with their annexation by Italy.

Popes like Alexander VI, an ambitious if spectacularly corrupt politician, and Pope Julius II, a formidable general and statesman, were not afraid to use power to achieve their own ends, which included increasing the power of the papacy. This political and temporal authority was demonstrated through the papal role in the Holy Roman Empire (especially prominent during periods of contention with the Emperors, such as during the Pontificates of Pope Gregory VII and Pope Alexander III). Papal bulls, interdict, and excommunication (or the threat thereof) have been used many times to increase papal power. The Bull Laudabiliter in 1155 authorized Henry II of England to invade Ireland. In 1207, Innocent III placed England under interdict until King John made his kingdom a fiefdom to the Pope, complete with yearly tribute, saying, "we offer and freely yield...to our lord Pope Innocent III and his catholic successors, the whole kingdom of England and the whole kingdom of Ireland with all their rights and appurtenences for the remission of our sins". [57] The Bull Inter caetera in 1493 led to the Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494, which divided the world into areas of Spanish and Portuguese rule. The Bull Regnans in Excelsis in 1570 excommunicated Elizabeth I of England and declared that all her subjects were released from all allegiance to her. The Bull Inter Gravissimas in 1582 established the Gregorian Calendar. [58]


The Jesuits

The Roman Catholic Church and the Papacy could not afford losing her power over the kings of the earth, but needed someone to do the work behind the scenes, which she could not do, to ensure that her control on earth is maintained. She needed to keep her hands clean and therefore she created another type of Papal authority to spy on and exterminate those who do not want to corporate with her and: The Jesuit order:


In the Roman Catholic Church - See Wikipedia: 11.1 In the Roman Catholic Church

The "Black Pope" is a name that was popularly, but quite unofficially, given to the Superior General of the Society of Yahshua due to the Jesuits' in reference to the importance, within the Church, of the Jesuit order. This name, based on the black colour of his cassock, was used to suggest a parallel between him and the "White Pope" (since the time of Pope Pius V the Popes dress in white) and the Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples (formerly called the Sacred Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith), whose red cardinal's cassock gave him the name of the "Red Pope" in view of the authority over all territories that were not considered in some way Catholic. In the present time this cardinal has power over mission territories for Catholicism, essentially the Churches of Africa and Asia, [67] but in the past his competence extended also to all lands where Protestants or Eastern Christianity was dominant. Some remnants of this situation remain, with the result that, for instance, New Zealand is still in the care of this Congregation.


Holy Roman Empire

The Holy Roman Empire was a realm that existed for about a millennium in Central Europe, ruled by a Holy Roman Emperor. Its character changed during the Middle Ages and the Early Modern period, when the power of the emperor gradually weakened in favour of the princes. In its last centuries, its character became quite close to a union of territories.

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f6/Banner_of_the_Holy_Roman_Emperor_with_haloes_%281400-1806%29.svg/125px-Banner_of_the_Holy_Roman_Emperor_with_haloes_%281400-1806%29.svg.png Charlemagne was crowned Emperor of the Romans in 800 and was then the forerunner of the Holy Roman Empire, [5] [6] [7] largely because he had inaugurated the tradition of imperial coronation by the Pope of the Catholic Church. This continued as a significant institution in the Holy Roman Empire until the 16th century. [8] Charlemagne's policy of "renovatio Romanorum imperii" (reviving the Roman Empire) remained at least in theory as the official position of the Empire until its end in 1806.

From this small piece of history it is evident how the power and authority of the Roman Catholic progressively grew until she resumed the position of inaugurating the kings of the earth. All the kings of the earth accepted her authority and thus worshipped her. From that time on, no king or President could resume a position of authority unless the Pope had given her blessing to the king or President of that country.


The Swastika

The question remained: “Why did the Spirit of Yahshua show us a sign of a ‘Swastika’ and the ‘SS’ next to the ‘Roman Catholic cross’?

Celtic-style crossed circle.svgSwastika.png A sun cross with the arms of the cross extended beyond the perimeter of the circle. This symbol was adopted by many Christians, who often extended the lower arm in the manner of a Christian cross, creating what is now known as a Celtic cross. Some white nationalist and neo-fascist groups adopted this variation of the Celtic cross, made up of simple lines, without any of the ornamental complexity of traditional Celtic crosses. It is thought that this basic variation's minor resemblance to the swastika is the reason it has become popular in such circles. This variation was also used by the Zodiac killer at the scenes of his crimes. The swastika is an equilateral cross with its arms bent at right angles, in either right-facing (卐) form or its mirrored left-facing (卍) form. Archaeological evidence of swastika-shaped ornaments dates from the Neolithic period. It occurs mainly in the modern day culture of India, sometimes as a geometrical motif and sometimes as a religious symbol. It remains widely used in Eastern religions / Dharmic religion such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

Though once commonly used all over much of the world without stigma, because of its right-facing variant's iconic usage in Nazi Germany, the symbol has become stigmatized in the Western world.

The Swastika is a sun symbol, which were derived from the Iron cross, which also appeared on the Nazi emblems showing that Hitler was under that command of the Roman Catholic Church. Using a sun god symbol as a sign of trusting not in God, but in the same God whom the ancient people from the tower of Babel has worshipped. And in whom the Roman Catholic Church, who now only had a garb of Christianity on, still believed.

Adolf Hitler restored the Iron Cross in 1939 as a German decoration (rather than Prussian as in earlier versions), continuing the tradition of issuing it in various grades. Legally it is based on the enactment (Reichsgesetzblatt I S. 1573 [4]) of 1 September 1939 Verordnung über die Erneuerung des Eisernen Kreuzes (Regulation for the Re-introduction of the Iron Cross). The Iron Cross of the Second World War was divided into three main series of decorations with an intermediate category, the Knight's Cross, instituted between the lowest, the Iron Cross, and the highest, the Grand Cross. The Knight's Cross replaced the Prussian Pour le Mérite or "Blue Max". Hitler did not care for the Pour le Mérite, as it was a Prussian order that could be awarded only to officers. The ribbon of the medal (2nd class and Knight's Cross) was different from the earlier Iron Crosses in that the color red was used in addition to the traditional black and white (black and white were the colours of Prussia, while black, white, and red were the colors of Germany). Hitler also created the War Merit Cross as a replacement for the non-combatant version of the Iron Cross. It also appeared on certain Nazi flags (mostly the Third Reich flags) in the upper left corner. The edges were curved, like most original iron crosses.

This same sign was also seen on the shields of the knight’s templar’s. In the time of the crusaders the Knights Templers were used to restore Roman Catholic order making use of military power to bring order in a country. Later the Jesuits were used to kill and exterminate any man woman or child, no matter of age and statues as their Jesuit vows, given by the Roman Catholic Church dictate to them. The Papacy made use of very gruesome methods to extract information from those who opposed them and then killed them. They would go to great lengths to achieve their purpose and to maintain their position and authority in the world. If a country was not Catholic, but Protestant, they would create a reason for a war making use of an insider Jesuit so that they could attack and annihilate their enemy. This was what they did with both Jew and Protestant in the time of Hitler.

By putting these signs together in the heavens, YHWH confirms that all these organisations were actually working together, to accomplish Satan’s plans and wicked purposes, for the scriptures says: 4 I also saw that the woman was drunk with the blood of the saints, God's people and the blood of the martyrs, who witnessed for Yahshua. And when I saw her, I was utterly amazed and wondered greatly. 5 And on her forehead there was inscribed a name of mystery, with a secret symbolic meaning: Babylon the great, the mother of prostitutes, idolatresses and of the filth and atrocities and abominations of the earth. (Rev 17:4-5 Ampl) Many people were martyred in the name of religion, by the Roman Catholic Church, for speaking up against her lies and against her idolatry against God. Many more will still be martyred in the near future when they will oppose her.

YHWH, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had foretold the history of the last 2000 years to his apostles and prophets. Yahshua weeps when He looks back at the great atrocities, which were committed in the name of religion, claiming to be God’s authority on earth. Through His angel or messenger, which was sent to the apostle, Yahshua revealed that the Papacy or the Holy Roman Empire, instituted by the Holy Roman Catholic church, would deceive the whole world and make all mankind worship the Beast and his image. She has persecuted the saints and would institute the final 10 kings, giving them their authority, saying: 18 And the woman that you saw is herself the great city which dominatesand controls the rulers and the leaders of the earth.(Rev 17:18 Ampl)


The spirit of the Anti-Christ and the spirit of the false prophet

Helicopter imageshttp://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/3c/AH-64_dsc04578.jpg/180px-AH-64_dsc04578.jpg After this more terrible signs appeared in the heavens. We saw the sign of a large helicopter heavily armed with missiles. Then the Holy Spirit reminded us of that which the apostle John was shown, saying: 3 Then out of the smoke locusts came forth on the earth, and such power was granted them as the power the earth's scorpions have. 4 They were told not to injure the herbage of the earth nor any green thing nor any tree, but only to attack such human beings as do not have the seal or mark of God on their foreheads. 5 They were not permitted to kill them, but to torment, distress, vex them for five months; and the pain caused them was like the torture of a scorpion when it stings a person. 6 And in those days people will seek death and will not find it; and they will yearn to die, but death evades and flees from them. 7 The locusts resembled horsesequipped for battle. On their heads was something like golden crowns. Their faces resembled the faces of people. 8 They had hair like the hair of women, and their teeth were like lions' teeth. 9 Their breastplates or scales resembled breastplates made of iron, and the whirring noise made by their wings was like the roar of a vast number of horse-drawn chariots going at full speed into battle. 10 They have tails like scorpions, and they have stings, and in their tails lies their ability to hurt men for five months. 11 Over them as king they have the angel of the Abyss or the bottomless pit. In Hebrew his name is Abaddon [destruction], but in Greek he is called Apollyon - Destroyer. (Rev 9:3-11 Ampl)

After this another sign appeared to both of us. We saw the sign of a submarine with two wings like the wings of an eagle. The wings of the eagle is the resemblance to the United States of America’s

http://www.americanemblemsusa.com/humidor-images/white-house-humidor-emblem.gif Then another sign appeared to us. We saw a large aircraft carrier appear in the sky, like the one the Lord had shown me in a vision the night before the capital of Iraq, Bagdad, was attacked. This aircraft carrier looked like the USS Enterprise, it was the same aircraft carrier, which we had seen in the Atlantic Ocean, 3 days after God had appeared to us the first time, on the 12th of May 2001. As we looked we saw a large bow appeared in front of the aircraft carrier, indicating that this warship is like a bow used to shoot at the nations of the earth. Again the Spirit of Yahshua the Messiah reminded us of the word to the apostle John, saying: 1 Then I saw as the Lamb broke open one of the seven seals, and as if in a voice of thunder I heard one of the four living creatures call out, Come! 2 And I looked, and saw there a white horse whose rider carried a bow. And a crown was given him, and he rode forth conquering and to conquer. (Rev 6:12 Ampl) The first seal which Yahshua the Messiah opened was a king who rode on a white horse and he was given bow to conquer the nations. He was given a bow as a sign of the authority which was granted him, for a season, from the Lord Yahshua the Messiah.

Many other signs appeared to us, explaining and confirming many things the Lord had already shown us. A great sign of the continent of North America appeared in the sky. A sign of beast having the head of a lion, the wings of an eagle, the feet of a bear, tail of a dragon and the snout of a warthog appeared in the sky. This beast gave birth to the Anti-Christ. Then other signs appeared confirming that the two countries Brazil and Venezuela are the prophetic fulfilment of the vision of Daniel of a ram having two horns, Brazil being the longer horn, mainly being Roman Catholic, which came up last. The Lord reminded us of the drug cartels of the world, which are also situated in Brazil and Colombia - South America, which are largely a Roman Catholic nation.

Then the Lord also reconfirmed what will happen in the latter time of the indignation of God. We saw a sign of a sea horse, resembling the deal behind the scenes, between the nations of OPEC nations of South America and the Arab League of nations, turning their backs on the west. I saw how the Anti-Christ will act as a double agent in the West instigating the East against the West. Then we saw the destructive consequences, which this deceitful and treacherous plan will have on North America. A sign of the continent of Japan appeared in the sky and became a large crayfish, which in its turn again turned into a nuclear submarine.

After this I asked the Lord God how Israel would fit into the greater scheme of the end time prophetic picture. After I had asked the Lord Yahshua, He, in His mercy and because of His righteousness, answered us through more signs in the heavens. We saw a sign of Egypt, Algeria and Libya, but we were too exhausted, because of the concentration. Then another sign of the country of Sudan appeared in the sky, indicating that these nations will all play a major role in the end time prophetic fulfilment of scripture. All the nations are part of the Arab League of nations, who will turn their backs against the west.

The Lord spoke to us through many signs, using symbols, explaining and confirming His word as He had revealed it to His servants the prophets. We also saw the little Island of Cuba appear in the heavens, prefigured by the symbol of a warthog. He spoke all these things in many symbols teaching us a prophetic language assigning to each country a symbol of an animal, which are synonymous with that country, whether we understood it or not. Through the Holy Spirit and with the help of my brother, who has travelled more in the world than I, having being more world wise, as a witness of all these things, and through the scriptures, I interpreted those signs, which Yahshua had given us.

Each country was given a symbol: “India was resembled by an elephant, Egypt by a crocodile and Cuba by a warthog. God confirmed that which He had shown us, helping us to understand that which He was saying to us as we patiently flowed with the leading of the Holy Spirit, for the scriptures says: 19 And we have the prophetic word made firmer still. You will do well to pay close attention to it as to a lamp shining in a dismal, squalid and dark place, until the day breaks through the gloom and the Morning Star rises, comes into being in your hearts. 20 Yet first you must understand this, that no prophecy of Scripture is a matter of any personal or private or special interpretation loosening, solving. 21 For no prophecy ever originated because some man willed it, to do so it never came by human impulse, but men spoke from God who were born along, moved and impelled by the Holy Spirit.(2 Pet 1:19-21 Ampl)

Then a sign of the Swastika appeared over the continent of Italy, confirming and making the final link between the Nazi wars and Roman Catholic Church with Rome as its headquarters.

After this another sign appeared in the heavens. A sign of a large goblet of the wrath of God that was swirling in God's hand and seemed like it was about to fall at any moment, as is written: 16 You yourself will be filled with shame and contempt instead of glory. Drink also and be like an uncircumcised heathen! The cup of wrath in the Lord's right hand will come around to you O destroyer, and foul shame shall be upon your own glory! 17 For the violence done to Lebanon will cover and overwhelm you; the destruction of the animals, which the violence frightened away, will terrify you on account of men's blood and the violence done to the land, to the city and all its inhabitants. (Hab 2:16-17 Ampl)

And 12 For thus says the Lord: Behold, they Israel whose rule was not to drink the cup of wrath shall assuredly drink and are you to remain unpunished? You shall not go unpunished, but you shall surely drink. 13 For I have sworn by Myself, says the Lord, that Bozrah in Edom, between Petra and the Dead Sea shall become a horror, a reproach, a waste, and a curse; and all its cities shall be perpetual wastes. 14 I have heard a report from the Lord, and a messenger is sent to the nations, saying: “Gather together and come against her! And rise up for the battle. 15 For, behold, I will make you Edom small among the nations and despised among men. 16 Your object of horror, your idol has deceived you, and the pride of your heart has deceived you, O you who dwell in the clefts of the rock, Sela or Petra, who hold and occupy the height of the hill. Though you make your nest as high as the eagle's, I will bring you down from there, says the Lord. 17 And Edom shall be an astonishment and a horror; everyone who goes by it shall be astonished and shall hiss with horror at all its plagues and disasters. 18 As it was in the overthrow of Sodom and Gomorrah and their neighbouring cities, says the Lord, no man shall dwell there; neither shall a son of man live in it temporarily.

19 See, there comes up one, Nebuchadnezzar like a lion from lurking in the jungles, the pride of the Jordan against the strong habitation of Edom and into the permanent pastures; for in a twinkling I will drive him Edom from there. And I will appoint over him the one whom I choose. For who is like Me? And who will appoint for Me the time and prosecute Me for this proceeding? And what earthly, national shepherd can stand before Me and defy Me? 20 Therefore hear the plan of the Lord, which He has made against Edom, and His purposes which He has formed against the inhabitants of Teman: Surely they shall be dragged away by Nebuchadnezzar, even the little ones of the flock; surely He shall make their habitation desolate because of them and their fold shocked at their fate. 21 At the sound of their fall the earth shall tremble; at their crying the sound shall be heard at the Red Sea. 22 Behold, one will come up and fly swiftly like an eagle and spread his wings against the Edomite city of Bozrah; and in that day the hearts of the mighty warriors of Edom will be like the heart of a woman in her pangs in childbirth. (Jer 49:12-22 Ampl) YHWH will make all those who come up against Israel drink the cup of His wrath. The area known as Edom will be struck by complete destruction. YHWH will use the king of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, to destroy all those nations coming from the east against Israel, thus fulfilling His covenanted promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The wrath of God was about to be poured on all the sons of disobedience through the prophetic Babylon of God – The United Nations led by the united States of America and the United Kingdom.

Then another sign appeared in the heaven, indicating how this king will attack these nations, becoming the instrument of the release of the full extent of the wrath of God on all those to whom God will send him. We saw a large sign of a flying warthog, resembling a large army cargo plane bringing the troops against these nations for war.

I realized from these signs in the heaven that a great spiritual battle was warring for our souls and that two evil principalities or spirits of the air was at work in the world. The spirit of the Antichrist wants to establish a one world power through which Satan would be able to control the world and the spirit of the false prophet.

A great danger lurks for all who desire to be part of the world and its systems of power and what this world can offer us. The apostle John wrote, saying: 15 Do not love or cherish the world or the things that are in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in him. 16 For all that is in the world - the lust of the flesh, craving for sensual gratification and the lust of the eyes, greedy longings of the mind and the pride of life, assurance in one's own resources or in the stability of earthly things - these do not come from the Father but are from the world itself. 17 And the world passes away and disappears, and with it the forbidden cravings, the passionate desires, the lust of it; but he who does the will of God and carries out His purposes in his life abides, remains forever. 18 Boys or lads, it is the last time, hour, the end of this age. And as you have heard that the antichrist, he who will oppose Christ in the guise of Christ is coming, even now many antichrists have arisen, which confirms our belief that it is the final, the end time. (1 John 2:15-17 Ampl)

The spirit of the false prophet, who like a goat, cloaked in religion and peace, full of all heresies and false teachings and doctrines that came since the existence of the Roman Catholic Church, craftily interwoven into our modern day churches and denominations, just as Paul warned us, speaking of the terrible times that was to come, which has now come, but were did not recognised, because we are deceived: 1 But understand this, that in the last days will come, set in perilous times of great stress and trouble, hard to deal with and hard to bear. 2 For people will be lovers of self and utterly self-centred, lovers of money and aroused by an inordinate greedy desire for wealth, proud and arrogant and contemptuous boasters. They will be abusive, blasphemous, scoffing, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy and profane. 3 They will be without natural human affection, callous and inhuman, relentless, admitting of no truce or appeasement; they will be slanderers, false accusers, troublemakers, intemperate and loose in morals and conduct, uncontrolled and fierce, haters of good. 4 They will be treacherous, betrayers, rash, and inflated with self-conceit. They will be lovers of sensual pleasures and vain amusements more than and rather than lovers of God. 5 For although they hold a form of piety, true religion, they deny and reject and are strangers to the power of it, their conduct belies the genuineness of their profession.(2 Tim 3:1-5 Ampl)

Paul also describes the last days in this manner saying: 1 But the Holy Spirit distinctly and expressly declares that in latter times some will turn away from the faith, giving attention to deluding and seducing spirits and doctrines that demons teach, 2 Through the hypocrisy and pretensions of liars whose consciences are seared or cauterized... (1Tim 4:1-2 Ampl)

Through the hypocritical teachers of righteousness, who themselves cannot hold the commandments of God; Satan will deceive and scatter the folk, using a form of religion, which will deceive even the elect if that was possible. This spirit of the false prophet and harlot church, the mother of all the prostitutes, has now crept into the hearts of all men, even sifting them for the day of judgement, which is soon to be revealed. Did not Yahshua – Yahshua, warn his disciples, when asked what would be the sign that His coming is at hand, say: “Be careful that no one misleads you, deceiving you and leading you into error. 5 For many will come in and on the strength of My name, appropriating the name which belongs to Me, saying, I am the Christ, the Messiah, and they will lead many astray.” (Matt 24:4b-5 Ampl)

In conclusion an awesome sign of encouragement appeared to both of us. We saw a sign of the breastplate of righteousness and holiness, which comes through the confession of our sins as Yahshua warned and encouraged all the saints to do during these troubled times which are coming, saying: 10 Whoever leads into captivity will himself go into captivity; if anyone slays with the sword, with the sword must he be slain. Herein is the call for the patience and the faith and fidelity of the saints, God's people. (Rev 13:10 Ampl)

And: 12 Here comes in a call for the steadfastness of the saints, the patience, the endurance of the people of God, those who habitually keep God's commandments and their faith in Yahshua. 13 Then I heard further perceiving the distinct words of a voice from heaven, saying, Write this: Blessed, happy, to be envied are the dead from now on who die in the Lord! Yes, blessed, happy, to be envied indeed, says the Spirit, in that they may rest from their labours, for their works, deeds do follow, attend and accompany them! (Rev 14:12-13 Ampl)

After this a sign of a man with strong arms and chest appeared in the sky. God calls all mankind to strengthen their arms so that they may be able to yield the Sword of the Spirit and the Shield of Faith effectively. We must put on the breastplate of righteousness and increase our trust in His righteousness more and more.

Then a sign of a large breastplate appeared in the sky. God is calling us to put on the breastplate of righteousness leading to holiness. He was calling us to the confession of our sins before God and one another, so that we could be cleansed continually during these troubled times.

We saw the sign of a man, having two very strong arms, one to hold a large sword and one to hold a large shield of faith, calling us and all men to strengthen their arms so that they will be able to ward off the fiery darts of the enemy with the Sword of the Spirit in the one hand and the Shield of Faith in the other, as Paul encouraged us to do: 10 In conclusion, be strong in the Lord, be empowered through your union with Him; draw your strength from Him, that strength which His boundless might provides. 11 Put on God's whole armour [the armour of a heavy-armed soldier which God supplies, that you may be able successfully to stand up against all the strategies and the deceits of the devil. 12 For we are not wrestling with flesh and blood, contending only with physical opponents, but against the despotisms, against the powers, against the master spirits who are the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spirit forces of wickedness in the heavenly or supernatural sphere. 13 Therefore put on God's complete armour, that you may be able to resist and stand your ground on the evil day of danger, and, having done all the crisis demands, to stand firmly in your place. 14 Stand therefore, hold your ground, having tightened the belt of truth around your loins and having put on the breastplate of integrity and of moral rectitude and right standing with God, 15 And having shod your feet in preparation to face the enemy with the firm-footed stability, the promptness, and the readiness produced by the good news of the Gospel of peace. 16 Lift up over all the covering shield of saving faith, upon which you can quench all the flaming missiles of the wicked one. 17 And take the helmet of salvation and the sword that the Spirit wields, which is the Word of God. 18 Pray at all times on every occasion, in every season, in the Spirit, with all manner of prayer and entreaty. To that end keep alert and watch with strong purpose and perseverance, interceding in behalf of all the saints, God's consecrated people. Eph 6:10-18 Ampl)

YHWH does not want us to uninformed and ignorant about the prostitution that has been going on between the world leaders and the Roman Catholic Church. The same spirits are still behind these organisations and will attempt to deceive all mankind, including the church. They will destroy in same gruesome way of hatred as they have done it in the past.

Let us open our eyes and warn those who so easily become blinded by what the world news want to portray to us. Let us not be drawn into her lies and law which she wants to impose on us.

To all who love our Lord and Saviour with an undying love. Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Yahshua the Messiah and from His servants and witnesses who has seen these things with their own eyes, so that you may believe that the coming of the Lord Yahshua – Yahshua the Messiah is hand, right at the door.


From the directors: “The Witness”

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